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Heating Ring

Advantages of ceramic heating ring

1, heat transfer fast, uniform heating, stable work.

2, the temperature does not leak, can save electric energy, the outer cover is not hot to touch, safe work.

3. The power of the product is high. The power of the ceramic strip is 0.5~1.5 times higher than that of the ordinary one

4, European and American high temperature resistance heating wire, with fast heat dissipation, uniform heating, high temperature stability and other characteristics, can be used in 600-800℃ for a long time.

5, the product life is long, because the raw material is aging slowly at high temperature, so the product life is long.

6, meet the national GB technical requirements. Power deviation +5%∽-10%.

7, electrical strength: after voltage 1500V /50Hz sine ac voltage test, after 1MIN no breakdown phenomenon.

8. High mechanical strength, good thermal insulation, large contact surface with the heated object, long service life.

9, installation, maintenance is convenient, the use of low cost, even if the internal heating material damage, and the external ceramic device can still be reused.

Heating Ring

This is Heating Ring used for screw and barrel of SPC flooring extrusion line.

Romeroca supply all kinds of spare parts for SPC flooring extrusion line, such as Screw

and barrel, Heating Ring,Confluence core, Mould, Embossing Roller, and so on. 

Spc-Flooring-Extrusion-Machine-Heating-Ring.webp (1)Spc-Flooring-Extrusion-Machine-Heating-Ring.webp (3)Spc-Flooring-Extrusion-Machine-Heating-Ring.webpSpc-Flooring-Extrusion-Machine-Heating-Ring.webp (4)