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SPC Flooring Production Line Mixing Machine

Mixer machine is the first step of SPC flooring production process and used to mix raw materials. 
SPC flooring raw materials are PVC-SG5, CaCo3, and some other materials such as stabilizer, 
ACR , CPE ,PE wax, etc, to mix according to a certain ratio. Our mix machine has advantages 
of convenient feeding, dust free, high production efficiency, low failure rate.
  • RFS-1000L/3000L

  • Romeroca

  • >2000KG/H

  • 160 KW





Mixer machine is the first step of SPC flooring production process and used to mix raw materials.  SPC flooring raw materials are PVC-SG5, CaCo3, and some other materials such as stabilizer, ACR , CPE ,PE wax, etc, to mix according to a certain ratio.  Our mix machine has advantages of convenient feeding, dust free, high production efficiency, low failure rate.


SPC Flooring Mixing machine specification:

Romeroca Mixer Machine have different types according to the volume of hot mixing and cooling mixing.

Machine Type





Hot Mixing





Cool Mixing





SPC Flooring Mixing Machine

Features of Romeroca SPC Flooring Mixing Machine

--Consists of a high-speed hot mixer and a cooling mixer.

--Famous brand electrical appliances to ensure stable machine operation.

--Adopt screw feeding, with automatic feeding time, overload protection.

--It is widely used for mixing various resins such as PVC, CaCo3,Stabilizer etc.

--In the hot mixer, the temperature rises rapidly to meet the requirements of the material mixing process.

--This machine occupies a small area, low energy consumption, easy to control, time saving and efficiency.

--The material from the hot mixer will be automatically loaded into the cooling mixer. And the cool water recycle system 

in the cooling mixer to meet the requirements of the production process.




3 Certificates and patents


mixing machine project cases

What is SPC flooring?

SPC stands for stone plastic composite (or stone polymer composite).

SPC flooring is an upgrade and improvement of regular luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), the main content of SPC are natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer which combined by a certain ratio to provide us a very stable composite material.

SPC flooring is considered the new generation of floor covering, its features: extremely stability, good performance, completely water-proof, high density solid core, indentation resistance;

It can be easily installed on different types of floor base, either concrete, ceramic or existing flooring;

It’s formaldehyde free, completely safe flooring covering materials for both residential and commercial area.

SPC core is typically comprised of around 60% calcium carbonate, 20% polyvinyl chloride and 20% other plasticizer chemical materials.

The structure of the SPC floor, from top to bottom are UV layer, Wear resistant layer, PVC decor film, SPC core, and EVA/ IXPE underlay.

SPC Flooring Structure

Full production processes of SPC flooring

1. Crushing + Milling

During the SPC production process, it will generate some fragment waste materials. The Crusher and Miller can be used to crush and grind these SPC waste materials into powder, which can be recycled into the raw materials for the production of SPC. The recycled SPC material is also a necessary ingredient in the raw material ratio.

2. Mixing

Put the raw materials into a high-speed mixer for hot mixing according to a certain ratio, so that the various materials are mixed uniformly, and the moisture in the materials is removed, and then enter the cold mixer to cool the materials to prevent agglomeration and discoloration. The materials are mixed uniformly by cooling.

3. Extrusion

The mixed materials are put into the extruder, extruded by twin cone screw, and formed into sheet shape through the die. Then through four-roller/five-roller calendering unit, the wear-resistant layer and color film are laminated on the sheet by heat, to form the SPC board.

4. UV coating

A layer of UV paint is coated on the surface of the SPC board by the UV coating machine, which has the functions of preventing dust, scratching, increasing abrasion resistance, and making the glossy more uniform.

5. Cutting

Use automatic multiple ripsaw to cut the big SPC board into the small planks of the required size.

6. Slotting

Through the longitudinal and transverse double-end tenoner slotting machine, four sides edges of the SPC plank after cutting are processed into certain lock shape. The important thing is that need to choose the suitable click system and the perfect Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) click profiling cutters.

7. V-groove Painting

In global market some customers prefer to the edges of SPC flooring to be V-groove and painted with paint, similar to the edges of laminate flooring.  They think this kind of flooring looks nicer. Of course, this is an optional working process.

8. IXPE/ EVA underlay laminating

Use hot melt adhesive to stick IXPE /EVA underlay on the back of the SPC flooring, which can make the flooring have better sound insulation effect and better walk feeling. Such products are more high-end.

9. Packing

Choose packing machine with different degrees of automation according to your needs, and there are fully automatic and semi-automatic machines can be optional.

Full production processes of SPC flooring

Who we are ?

Romeroca is a professional flooring innovation and technical sevice company,

with 16 years experience in flooring industry, and over 10 years in Asian market.

We provide one-stop supply and services for overseas flooring factories,

including flooring production line, flooring raw materials, and technical services.

What we are offering about SPC flooring project?

1.SPC flooring full production line:

SPC flooring Extruder machine, Mixer, Crushing & Mill machine, UV coating machine, Click slotting machine,Cutting machine, V-groove painting machine, IXPE/EVA lamination machine, Packing machine.

2.Raw materials for producing rigid core PVC flooring:

Chemicals:  PVC SG5, stabilizer, ACR , CPE , PVC lubricant, PE wax.

Wear- resisting layer , PVC decor Film , IXPE/EVA underlayment, UV paint.

Romeroca already supplied 20 million meters of PVC decor film to global market.

To save shipping cost for our partners, Romeroca can mix different raw materials to ship together.

3.Spare parts for SPC flooring manufacturing line:

PCD cutters, PCD saw blades, Extruder mould, surface rollers, Screw & barrel,  UV rollers, UV lamps.Romeroca can supply all kinds of accessories for all machines of rigid core vinyl flooring production.  

4.Test equipments for SPC flooring factory:

Romeroca can supply all kinds of test equipments that SPC flooring manufacturing factory needs. For example: Drying Oven, Tensile tester, Wear tester, Scratch Tester, Click Strengthen tester, Click Projector, and so on.


1) 12-months warranty on all Romeroca machine (excluding wear parts).

2) 36-months tracking service, prompt response within 24 hours.

3) Providing factory production process and machine layout design.

4) Providing technical guidance, training and support.

5) Providing timely supply support for spare parts.

6) Other support from raw materials, machines to finished products.