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Laminate Flooring Production Line Saw Cutting Machine

The Romeroca multi-blade saw cutting machine is used to automatically cut the floor plank into several pieces. This machine is suitable for Laminate Flooring and adopts the latest technology. It has the advantages of high efficiency, fast switching, diverse product specifications, labor saving and cost saving.
  • RFS-14E
  • Romeroca
  • 25~35M/Min
  • 21KW

Laminate Flooring Production Line



Romeroca multi blade rip saw cutting machine  is used to cut the flooring board into several pieces automatically.This machine is applicable for Laminate Flooring, with the latest technology. It is featured by the advantage of high efficiency, quick switching, various product specifications, labor saving and cost saving, etc.


SPC Flooring Production Line

Working Width

Max 1300MM

Working Thickness



φ80MM, Chrome




Rubber Rollers

Internal panel dust Clean

Independent blades dust clean

Saw blade cutting anti-bounce compression device

Max Distance for rollers


Min Distance for rollers


Working Speed


Electrical Control

380V/50Hz, control Voltage: 24V, DC

Romeroca Laminate Flooring Saw Cutting Machine Equipment Features:

--Saving labour and material cost.

--Boost production capacity.

--Good cutting effect, straight cutting, no chipping, high precision and flat edge.

--Easy operation,machine controlling by PLC computer controlling system.

--Elegant appearance,protect the machine from rust.

--Adopt advanced automaticcontrol software achievinginformation management forproduction.

--Exported to Europe and the United States standards, beautiful appearance design, simple atmosphere.

--High precision anti-collision professional laser cutting head to ensure the best cutting effect.


SPC Flooring Production Line Cutting Machine


SPC Flooring Production Line Saw Cutting Machine


SPC Flooring Production Line Saw Cutting Machinery

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is composed by 4 materials : balance paper,hardwood HDF,decorative paper and overlay paper. It's made by crushing the logs, adding preservatives and additives, and pressing them with high temperature and high pressure by a hot press. Therefore, it breaks the physical structure of the logs and overcomes the weakness of poor log stability.It is installed with clikc system, which is very convenient for installation or removal. Laminate flooring is affordable, with many designs and colors, good wear resistance, easy care and convenient installation.

laminate flooring

Full production processes of Laminate flooring

1. Boiler

Boiler supply heat to hot press machine by thermal oil.

Fuels for boiler are coal, natural gas, diesel, electricity.

2. Hot Pressing

Main size of hot press machine is 4'x8 ft, Press is 2800T.

We press the exquisite patterns on HDF board by stainless steel chroming plate.

3. Cooling Platform

When temperature of hot press machine reach 200℃, can ensure decorative paper and overlay paper sticking onto HDF board tightly, so cooling platform is needed to cool down the flooring quickly and increase stability of flooring sizes.

4. Cutting

Use automatic multiple ripsaw to cut the big laminate board into the small planks of the required size.

5. Slotting

Through the longitudinal and transverse double-end tenoner slotting machine, four sides edges of the  plank after cutting are processed into certain lock shape. The important thing is that need to choose the suitable click system and the perfect Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) click profiling cutters.

6.Dust Collection

During Cutting and slotting,will be heavy dust. Dust collection system can collect the dust and offering a cleaner floooring and work environment. 

7.V-Groove Painting

In global market some customers prefer to the edges of Laminate flooring to be V-groove and painted.  They think this kind of flooring looks nicer. 

8. Wax Coating

Wax Coating machine is mainly used for wooden flooring by the paraffin wax. Through heating to form a low viscosity of liquid spray on the flooring.Because paraffin wax is white and non-toxic, it is very widely used. After processing, the products have the functions of preventing formaldehyde dissociation, preventing odor emanating, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-aging, preventing moisture volatilization and lubrication.

9. Packing

Choose packing machine with different degrees of automation according to your needs, and there are fully automatic and semi-automatic machines can be optional.

Machine flow chart

Who we are ?

Romeroca is a professional flooring innovation and technical sevice company,

with 16 years experience in flooring industry, and over 10 years in Asian market.

We provide one-stop supply and services for overseas flooring factories,

including flooring production line, flooring raw materials, and technical services.

What we are offering about Laminate flooring project?

1.Laminate flooring full production line:

Laminate flooring Hot Press machine, Cooling line, Cutting machine,

Click slotting machine, Dust Collection machine, V-groove painting machine, 

Wax coating machine, Packing machine.

2.Raw materials for producing Laminate flooring:

Overlay/Wear Layer Paper, Decorative Paper,Balance Paper.

Melamine paper ( after Impregnation) for all above.

To save shipping cost for our partners, Romeroca can mix different raw materials to ship together.

3.Spare parts for Laminate flooring manufacturing line:

PCD cutters, PCD saw blades, Cushion Pad ( Silicon& Cooper)Chroming Plate.

Romeroca can supply all kinds of accessories for all machines of laminate flooring production.  

4.Test equipments for Laminate flooring factory:

Romeroca can supply all kinds of test equipments that laminate flooring manufacturing factory needs.

For example: Wear tester, Click Strengthen tester, Click Projector, and so on.


1) 12-months warranty on all Romeroca machine (excluding wear parts).

2) 36-months tracking service, prompt response within 24 hours.

3) Providing factory production process and machine layout design.

4) Providing technical guidance, training and support.

5) Providing timely supply support for spare parts.

6) Other support from raw materials, machines to finished products.